THE PLEASE on MACISTE DISCHI summer compilation



BUONA ESTATE! In anteprima esclusiva per Dance Like Shaquille O’Neal ecco la seconda compila di MACISTE DISCHI, MUSICA FORZUTA vol.2 ! Noi ci siamo con un brano al quale siamo legati legati in modo assurdo: RED CARPENTER. Grazie Maciste Dischi!
Scaricala GRATIS!…/maciste-dischi-vs-dlso-musica-forzuta…/

La copertina è del mitico Spugna, illustratore milanese da seguire e supportare //

The Please in a Scottish Radio Event


Hey There!

Our music has been chosen to be played along with many other tracks in a remote scottish forest, inside a project called “The dark Outside”.

The radio transmitter will be put on top of a hill, near an obelisk called Murray’s Monument and music will be aired from noon on 31 August to noon on 1 september.

Those are the Author’s words about it:

“We are looking to get people to travel out of their comfort zones to listen to a radio. Radio has a unique charm about it… the receivers add to the sound… maybe you’ll get the odd weird click and pop. I just hope people will come to the forest to listen to it.”